100G Alum Stone In Powder

100G Alum Stone In Powder

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Description of product

This powder is composed of "potassium alum stone". Potassium alum stone is different from Ammonium Alum stone made from residues and poor quality products (ammonium salts) from the "heavy" industry. The potassium alum stone (potassium alum) used in this powder is the purest potash in the world. It is composed of 100% natural alunite extracted by solar evaporation in the saltworks of the Atacama desert (very arid desert of Chile) and produced by crystallization in the alumina of Panama. This powder of alum stone is composed of 40% talc to make the composition less compact and therefore more convenient to use. This powder of alum stone is ideal for application on the feet. It absorbs sweat and leaves the skin soft to the touch.



Color : White
Fragrance : Without Perfume
Skin Type : All Skin Types
Care : Body Care

Ingredients : Talc De Luzenac, Potassium Alum 



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